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Name HTML Unicode
Ŕ Capital R with acute Ŕ 0154
ŕ Lowercase r with acute ŕ 0155
Ŗ Capital R with cedilla Ŗ 0156
ŗ Lowercase r with cedilla ŗ 0157
Ř Capital R with caron Ř 0158
ř Lowercase r with caron ř 0159
Ś Capital S with acute Ś 015A
ś Lowercase s with acute ś 015B
Ŝ Capital S with circumflex Ŝ 015C
ŝ Lowercase s with circumflex ŝ 015D
Ş Capital S with cedilla Ş 015E
ş Lowercase s with cedilla ş 015F
Š Capital S with caron Š 0160
š Lowercase s with caron š 0161
Ţ Capital T with cedilla Ţ 0162
ţ Lowercase t with cedilla ţ 0163
Ť Capital T with caron Ť 0164
ť Lowercase t with caron ť 0165
Ŧ Capital T with stroke Ŧ 0166
ŧ Lowercase t with stroke ŧ 0167